SatWeather is a weather application that allows you to see real-time images received from the satellite to understand the evolution of the clouds all over Europe.
It provides a frame every hour from 4am to 7pm UTC (6 to 21 European time).

Download it now from App Store!

With this, unlike the similar applications, you can make your own idea on the REAL weather conditions.

Among the settings you can choose your area of ​​interest, the length of the animation, from 3 to 16 frames (with resulting difference in download times), and the speed of it.

There are also buttons to control the animation manually, and one to update frames if there are new ones. Note: the frames are available approximately 25 minutes after the image is captured by the satellite: the image of 10am can be downloaded on your device at around 10:25am.

The images cover most of Europe (hereinafter the detailed list), and the large resolution allows zoom on your area of ​​interest without losing quality.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

List of available countries:
ITALY Zone: Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina,
Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia.
SPAIN Zone: Spain, Portugal.
FRANCE Zone: France, southern England, Belgium, Netherlands.
GERMANY Zone: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Republic Czech, Poland, Slovakia.
GREECE Zone: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia.

Obviously an Internet connection is required to download images. It may rarely happen, for reasons not attributable to developers, that a snapshot of a particular time could not be available.

All images used come from EUMETSAT (



  1. Please fix SatWeather. For the last week it says “connection problem. Download cannot be completed. Please retry.” There is no connection problem. Great app when working, hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

    1. Joshua, Thank you for your feedback. Since a couple of weeks SSEC seems to have moved their satellite images under a different location. That’s why the app cannot load North America imagery anymore. I will try to release a new version soon.

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