SatWeather 1.2: eventually iPhone 5 support!

Today’s update, which introduces support to iPhone 5 screen, is (eventually) live. Nothing else has been changed, so don’t expect to notice┬áparticular improvements, but iPhone 5 owners should be quite happy now.


SatWeather 1.1 is available! US images added and much more!

Update to version 1.1 has introduced new graphics and nations, and now it is possible to have a look how the weather is over UNITED STATES, CANADA and EUROPE.

Available for United States and Canada:
– a unique picture for United States, Canada and Mexico (good definition) 24/7.
The animation shows the last 4 hours clouds movement, which can be reduced (speeding up the download time) by selecting the desired number of frames (from 1 to 8). Every 30 minutes there is a new image. (Note: the frames are available approximately 10 minutes after the image is captured by the satellite: the image of 10:15am can be downloaded on your device at around 10:25am). (more…)

SatWeather: bug found!

A few users has experienced app crashes when trying to use it with 3G connection. Instead the app works fine if they use wifi.

We apologise for this inconvenience, we are working to fix the problem. In the meantime we suggest who’s having issues to try to use app with a wifi connection.

SatWeather app coming soon!

SatWeather is a weather application that allows you to see real-time images received from the satellite to understand the evolution of the clouds all over Europe.

High quality images, fully customizable. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It has been submitted today and hopefully it’ll be available on the App Store in 3-4 days.